Chapter 1 - Introduction

1.1 Local Planning Authorities in England and Wales have been required, since 1948, to prepare and keep under review Development Plans for their respective areas. Although the form, content and title of the Development Plan has changed over the years, its function, to set down policies and proposals for the use and development of land, remains unchanged.

1.2 The Unitary Development Plan (UDP) is the prescribed form of Development Plan intended for metropolitan areas. It has replaced the Structure and Local Plans that previously had to be prepared by local authorities.

1.3 The original Trafford UDP, adopted in May 1996, was prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended by the Planning and Compensation Act 1991), the Town and Country Planning (Unitary Development Plans) Regulations 1991 and Planning Policy Guidance Note 12 (February 1992).

1.4 This Revised adopted Plan has been prepared in accordance with the same Town and Country Planning Act/Regulations framework and revised Planning Policy Guidance Note 12 (December 1999). 


1.5 The purpose of the Plan is to provide the framework and priorities for the development, improvement and conservation of land within the Borough of Trafford through to the year 2016.

1.6 It seeks to bring together the land use development, improvement and conservation policies and proposals of the Council, Government Departments, and other agencies to assist the co-ordination and prioritisation of the investment decisions of these organisations with those of the private development/investment sector.

1.7 It seeks to bring forward these policies and proposals for development, improvement and conservation in a sensible, sensitive and sustainable way to meet the active needs and quality of life aspirations of local Trafford residents and of the wider community.


1.8 The governing legislation requires that the Plan be prepared in two parts: -

Part I - To consist of a "Written Statement" of the Council's general policies for the development and use of land, and,

Part II - To consist of: -

  • A "Written Statement" setting out the Council's detailed proposals for the development and use of land, including those for use in determining planning applications;
  • A "Proposals Map" showing those proposals on a geographical base;
  • A reasoned justification of the general Policies of Part I and the detailed Proposals of Part II, and,
  • Any diagrams, illustrations or other descriptive or explanatory material the Council thinks appropriate.

1.9 In this Revised Written Statement, Part I of the Plan consists of the Themes of the Plan set down in Chapter 5, the Area Policies set down in Chapter 6 and the Policies contained in the second section of the relevant topic Chapters (Chapters 7 to 15). The Part II Proposals of the Plan are contained in the third section of the topic Chapters (Chapters 7 to 15) and the second section of Chapters 16 and 17.

1.10 The revised 1:10,000 scale Proposals Map is contained within the plastic wallet inside the back cover of the Plan folder. 


1.11 Public consultation has had a key role in the preparation of this Revised UDP. As required by statute, the Council carried out a two-stage consultation process, to provide local residents and other interested parties with the opportunity to comment upon and influence the content of the Plan.

1.12 The first public consultation on the proposed alterations to the adopted Plan, the First Deposit Consultation, took place between the 2nd October and the 13th November 2000. The publication of this Revised Deposit Consultation draft version of the altered Plan marks the second public consultation phase. The second consultation, on the Revised Deposit Draft took place in two stages, the first between 18th June 2001 and 30th July 2001 and the second between 12th November 2001 and 7th January 2002.

1.13 The Public Local Inquiry into the outstanding objections to the Revised Plan took place before an independent Inspector between the 11th June 2002 and 16th July 2003. The Report containing the recommendations of the Inquiry Inspector was received on the 15th October 2003 and considered by the Council's Executive on the 22nd December 2003. Modifications to the Revised Plan were subsequently advertised for further comment between the 2nd February and 15th March 2004. After careful consideration of the further representations received, the Council, on 19th April 2004 resolved to Adopt the Plan without further modification.