Bin collection disruptions

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
The ongoing coronavirus outbreak may affect our usual bin collection schedule. Please check our coronavirus page for any possible changes.

Bin collections during severe weather conditions

Why haven't my bins been collected on my bin day?

If we haven't yet collected your rubbish, we'll be on our way, please bear with us. During periods of severe weather conditions we may experience some delays in getting to your area and may even have to suspend collections until conditions improve. We'll update this page with any changes.

There are a number of reasons, depending on where you live, why we may not be able to collect. For instance, we may struggle to get to many places due to there being lots of ice remaining on the ground. We have to make risk assessments to determine whether or not it's safe for refuse collection wagons to enter a particular road.

Another reason could be there is more rubbish for us to collect because we simply haven't been able to collect due to the dangerous conditions. This means our collection service has slowed up significantly, but we're doing our very best – with the resources we have at our disposal – to get the collection service back to normal as quickly as possible.

What should I do with my bins if they've not been collected during severe weather conditions?

This very much depends on the situation at the time. We'll update this page with any changes.

However, if it's possible, it would help if you could take them to your nearest household waste recycling centre.

Why has my green bin not been emptied completely?

In the cold weather, some garden waste can become frozen inside your green bin. We will try to fully empty all green bins, but any frozen waste may remain stuck inside.

If any garden waste is left in your bin, we will not able to return before your next scheduled collection date. Please bring your bin back in and present it again on your next scheduled collection day.

Bin collection advice

  • You must put your bin out no later than 6.30am on your collection day. If your bins are not available for collection when we visit your property, we will not return.
  • Bin collections take place Monday to Friday except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
  • If you think we've missed your bin, report a missed bin collection.​
  • If we experience severe weather or the road conditions are compromised there may be disruption to your bin collections. We understand you'll have concerns about this if we experience such conditions, so please see our advice above about bin collections in severe weather.​

Bin collection dates

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