Postal voting

To apply to vote by post in England, Scotland or Wales, you need to download, print and fill in the postal vote application form.

Postal vote application forms can be found on the Electoral Commission website.

If you don't have access to a printer, contact us and we will post one to you.

You can apply for a postal vote for one election, a set period of time or permanently. Postal votes are sent out on average 10 days before polling day.

Even if you opt for a permanent postal vote you will still be legally required to refresh your signature every five years to ensure that we have an up to date signature for you. We will contact you when it is time for you to do so.

You will need to complete a new postal vote application if you have moved house.

Once you have completed the form and made sure you have signed it, you can submit as an email or by post to the Electoral Services Office.

Privacy notice

For further information on how your information is used, how we maintain the security of your information, and your rights to access information we hold on you, visit our privacy notices web page.