Postal voting

Anyone who is registered to vote in Trafford can apply to vote by post. If you have moved house you will need to complete a new postal vote application.

You can now apply online for a postal vote. As with registering to vote, we'll need to confirm your identity before we can process your postal vote application.

You must provide us with:

  • your date of birth
  • signature
  • national insurance number

Applications to vote by post will be rejected where a national insurance number is not provided. 

Once registered to vote by post, you will receive a postal vote pack containing your ballot papers(s) for the next election. Postal votes are sent out on average 10 days before polling day.

We check your signature and date of birth against the completed postal vote pack at an election to keep your vote secure.

How to apply

You can apply on the GOV.UK website or by post. For the application you will need:

  • the address where you are registered to vote
  • a photograph of your signature on on plain, white paper that is clear and light
  • your national insurance number

Apply online

Postal vote application forms can be found on the Electoral Commission website. If you don't have access to a printer, contact us and we can send you a form in the post. 

We need both your actual signature (not electronic signature) and your date of birth on your application; these will be matched against the information you provide on your postal voting statement when you return your postal vote. 

Help with your postal vote application

Postal vote application forms must be signed. If you’re unable to, you may be eligible for a signature waiver contact the Electoral Services Office about this.

Privacy notice

Visit our privacy notice web page for further information on:

  • how your information is used
  • how we maintain the security of your information
  • your rights to access information we hold on you