Trafford Council utilises the BrowseAloud application which can be accessed via the icon at the bottom right of our page:


BrowseAloud includes 'Translate Page' functionality which allows you to both view and listen to any of our pages in a number of different languages.

Google Translation

Should your required language not be included, you could use the  automated Google translation service which allows you to read content in the following languages:

Automatic language translation options
 Language Translation link
Arabic  Translation via Google
Chinese (simplified)  Translation via Google
French  Translation via Google
Gujarati  Translation via Google
Polish  Translation via Google
Spanish  Translation via Google
Urdu   Translation via Google

Please be aware that these are automated translations by machines and can produce strange results. They give you a sense of of the information rather than an accurate, trusted translation. If in doubt seek the services of a competent human translator.

We cannot take any responsibility for the translations that these sites provide.