Parliamentary and Local Election 2015

Parliamentary Election

Altrincham and Sale West

Altrincham Ward
  BRADY Graham Conservative  26771
  BROPHY Jane Liberal Democrats  4235
  FROST Chris UKIP  4047
  ROBERTSON-BROWN Nick Green Party  1983
  WRIGHT James  Labour  13481
    Turnout 70.88%

Stretford and Urmston

Altrincham Ward
  ANKERS Catherine Liberal Democrats  1362
  BRADLEY-LAW Paul Whig Party  169
  CARSON Paul Population Party UK  83
  CHAPMAN Kalvin UKIP  5068
  COGGINS Geraldine Green Party  2187
  COOKE Lisa Conservatives  12916
  GREEN Kate Labour  24601
    Turnout  67.47%

Wythensawe and Sale East

Altrincham Ward
  CHAMBERLAIN Victor Liberal Democrats 1927
  DISCO Johnny The Official Monster Raving Loony Party 292
  GREEN Fiona Conservatives 11124
  KANE Mike Labour 21693
  MAYO Jess The Green Party 1658
  WORTHINGON Lynn Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 215
    Turnout 57.2%


Local Election  

Results by Ward


Altrincham Ward
  ELLIOTT Richard Liberal Democrats 612
  HASSAN Waseem Labour 1390
  JERROME Daniel The Green Party 694
  YOUNG Michael Conservative 3102
    Turnout 66.83%

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Ashton Upon Mersey

Ashton Ward
  HARTLEY Ben Labour  1815
  MARRITT Chris Liberal Democrats  320
  ROBERTSON-BROWN Caroline The Green Party  478
  WHETTON Mike Conservative  2759
    Turnout  73.05%

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Bowdon Ward
  DAVIES Nicholas GreenParty  398
  HAGUE Tom Labour  773
  HOGG Elizabeth Liberal Democrats  370
  HYMAN Michael Conservative  3700
    Turnout  72%

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Broadheath Ward
  ANSTEE Stephen Conservative  3274
  CLIFF Pauline Liberal Democrats  489
  EATOCK David Green Party  254
  WILLIAMS Aidan Labour  2659
    Turnout  68.98%

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Brooklands Ward
  EISEN James Liberal Democrats 472
  HOPPS David Conservative 2952
  KEARY Gary Labour 1868
  RYAN Joseph Green Party 378
    Turnout 71.81%

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Bucklow-St Martins

Bucklow-St Martins Ward
  FERGUSON Neil Conservative  1082
  SMITH John Labour  2441
  WADSWORTH Daniel Green Party  357
    Turnout  57.19%

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Clifford Ward
  LUKE Chacko Conservative  471
  MALIK Ejaz Labour  3504
  MAYO Jess Green Party  877
    Turnout  64.38%

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Davyhulme East

Davyhulme Eest Ward
  BOOTH Anna Labour  2160
  CAWDREY Mark Conservative  2218
  FARNDON Stephen UKIP  581
  TENNANT-SMYTHE Steven Green Party  254
    Turnout  69.08%

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Davyhulme West

Davyhulme West Ward
  COUPLAND Aleesha Green Party  413
  DILLON Jayne Labour  2195
  REILLY John Conservative  2701
    Turnout  70.14%

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Flixton Ward
  CARTER Ged Labour 2586
  CAVANAGH Alison Green Party 440
  COUPE Jonathan Conservative 2753
  HARRISON Wayne Liberal Democrats 197
    Turnout 72.59%

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Gorse Hill

Gorse Hill Ward
  CORDINGLEY Mike Labour  3078
  JOHN Lijo Conservative  1225
  WOODCOCK Nigel Green Party  551
    Turnout  62.7%

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Hale Barns

Hale Barns Ward
  CHAUDRY Rozina Green Party  325
  SHARP Bernard Conservative  3499
  TAYLOR Sandra Liberal Democrats  484
  TWINEY Barbara Labour and Co-operative Party  851
    Turnout  70.57%

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Hale Central

Hale Central Ward
  CULLEN Kirsty Liberal Democrats 463
  HARRISON Beverly Labour and Co-operative Party 1126
  LITTLE Samuel Green Party 482
  YOUNG Patricia Conservative 3394
    Turnout 73.52%

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Longford Ward
  DUFFIELD Anne Labour 3763
  KELSON Edward Conservative 1212
  WESTBROOK Margaret Green Party 831
    Turnout 66.84%

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Priory Ward
  HAMER Mark Green Party  595
  MACDONALD Michael Liberal Democrats  392
  TAYLOR Michael Conservative  2199
  WESTERN Andrew Labour  2408
    Turnout  70.5%

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Sale Moor

Sale Moor Ward
  BAYLISS Paul Green Party 499
  BENNETT Joanne Labour and Co-operative Party 2512
  FIELD Tony Conservative 1939
    Turnout  66.14%

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St Mary's

St Mary's Ward
  BUNTING Dan Conservative  2911
  LEICESTER Jane Green Party  381
  MARTIN David Liberal Democrats  283
  MELIA Michael Labour  1880
    Turnout  65.92%

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Stretford Ward
  ADSHEAD Stephen Labour 3084
  BIRTWISTLE Craig Liberal Democrats 203
  HOOLEY Colin Conservative 1207
  O'NEILL Liz Green Party 649
    Turnout 66.54%

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Timperley Ward
  BRUER-MORRIS Angela Conservative  2911
  CHOUDHURY Mal Labour  1189
  JONES William Liberal Democrats  1827
  LEIGH Jad Green Party  368
    Turnout  74.86%

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Urmston Ward
  BEAUMONT Andrew UKIP  621
  DAVIDSON Kirstie Liberal Democrats  162
  HARDING Joanne Labour  2506
  SYRETT Paul Green Party  318
  TURNER Christine Conservative  2146
    Turnout  70.58%

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Village Ward
  EVANS Laura Conservative 2246
  NEWGROSH Julian Liberal Democrats 1112
  O'BRIEN Tony Labour 1564
  WADSWORTH Jennie Green Party 276
    Turnout  67.60%

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