Pavement Licence for tables and chairs

If you want to place tables and chairs outside your business on the adopted highway, then you must submit an application.

You should read the guidance below before completing your application.

The current legislation for pavement licence from the Department for Housing, Communities & Local Government is temporary until 30 September 2024. If you want to keep outside seating at your premises after this date, you may be subject to the pre-COVID application process and charges.

All information provided in your application is considered to be public information. The application and relevant supporting documents will be made available to any person who requests a copy of the application during the public consultation period.


  • Contact details
    Provide your contact information below.
  • Name of applicant
  • Name of person to contact in relation to the application, if different from above.
  • Business address of applicant
  • Address of premises where tables and chairs are to be placed (if different from above)