Taxi and Private Hire wheelchair accessible vehicles

In accordance with the Taxi and Private Hire (Disabled Persons) Act 2022, all licensing authorities must maintain and publish a list of licenced taxis and PHVs they designate as being wheelchair accessible. This will identify the vehicles whose drivers are subject to duties set out at section 165 which are.

If your vehicle is designated as being wheelchair accessible the following information will be published in an online list.

  • the make and model of the vehicle
  • whether the vehicle is a taxi or private hire vehicle
  • the name of operator
  • the size and weight of wheelchair that can be accommodated (where relevant)
  • whether wheelchairs that are larger than a “reference wheelchair” can be accommodated (where relevant)

In addition to the above, all taxi and PHV drivers and operators, regardless of whether the vehicle is wheelchair accessible, will be subject to duties under the Equality Act. The main changes are as follows, taxi and PHV drivers will be required: 

  • to carry the passenger
  • if the passenger is in or has with them a wheelchair, to carry the wheelchair
  • if the passenger has with them any mobility aids, to carry the mobility aids
  • to take such steps as are reasonable to ensure that the passenger is carried in safety and reasonable comfort
  • to give the passenger such mobility assistance as is reasonably required
  • not to make, or propose to make, any additional charge for complying with a duty mentioned in the previous points

Mobility aids means any item the passenger uses to assist with their mobility but does not include a wheelchair, or an assistance dog (sections 168 and 170 make provision about the carrying of assistance dogs).

Mobility assistance means assistance to enable the passenger to get into or out of the vehicle or to load the passenger’s luggage, wheelchair or mobility aids into or out of the vehicle.

Private Hire Vehicle operators will be required to accept bookings for or on behalf of any disabled person, if they have a suitable vehicle available. Also an operator must not make or propose to make an additional charge for the carrying out of any duty imposed on the driver by the legislation.

A reference wheelchair is defined as:

  • total length of 1200mm including extra-long footplates 
  • total width of 700mm 
  • sitting height (from ground to top of head) of 1350mm


If you require an exemption from the duties detailed above on medical grounds email