Small business rate relief application form

  • Section 1: Your Details
  • Correspondence Address
  • Why are you claiming Small Business Rate Relief?
  • Section 2: Your Property
    Please give the details of the property for which you wish to claim small business rate relief. If you are already in receipt of relief, please give the details of the property to which it has been applied.
  • Is this the only property, in England, that you use?
  • Section 3: Other properties
    Please give the full addresses of all the other properties that you use, anywhere in England, along with details of the rateable value of each property and the council which you pay rates to. This includes properties you have started to use since your last application.
  • Section 4: Declaration
    Please carefully read and tick the statements below before submitting your application.
  • Declaration 1
  • Declaration 2
  • Declaration 3
  • This form must be completed by an authorised person, as follows: a) if you are a partnership, you or a partner of that partnership must submit; b) if you are a trust, you or a trustee of that trust must submit; and c) if you are a corporate organisation, you or a director of that organisation must submit.