Food sampling

The Environmental Health Team undertake a range of food sampling activities. They will submit samples of food to a laboratory to ensure that it is not contaminated with food poisoning bacteria or to check that its composition and labelling meets legal requirements. Swabs may also taken from food contact surfaces to check that cleaning and hygiene standards are being maintained.

Samples may be taken during routine food inspections, in response to consumer complaints, as part of any food poisoning outbreak investigation, or as part of a proactive coordinated programme with other North West local authorities, as outlined in the Authorities published Sampling Policy.

This sampling together with the other work of the Environmental Health Team helps build up a picture of how food businesses across the Borough are meeting food safety requirements, and to focus our attention on those businesses that present the highest risk.

The Health Protection Agency food laboratory, to which many of these samples are sent for analysis, produce reports which summarise the findings of the coordinated sampling surveys. Copies of these reports are held on Salford Council’s website.