Research burial records

All records for the cemeteries and crematorium managed by us as well as the Greater Manchester national archive are now available on the specialist website Deceased Online.

Deceased Online is the only website portal dedicated to digitising detailed, statutory burial and cremation records. This digitisation allows for original, often old and fragile, documents to be safely archived and conserved.

The Deceased Online database features records from both local authorities, and private cemeteries and crematoria. It includes data from the whole of the UK - and over 100 councils have already uploaded or are preparing to upload their data. There are 83 other countries worldwide that also use the service to upload their data, meaning that local, national, and global data is available for family historians to explore.

Users of the website are able to browse the website at no cost, with a nominal charge to view and/or download specific documents. The data available for Trafford is comprised of nearly 200,000 burial and cremation records, including:

  • Digital scans of original registers
  • Computerised records for later burials and cremations
  • Interment details indicating all those buried in each grave
  • Maps providing the section in the cemetery where each burial is located