Cemetery regulations - Hale Cemetery

Foundations stones must not be more than 3’ x 15". They must be level and its back must be in line with the front edge of the turf on the next row of graves.

There should be a minimum of 6" between foundations.

Headstones must not exceed 3’ in height, 3’ in width and should be a minimum of 3" thick.

All memorials should be made from natural stone (any other material should be discussed prior to ordering with the Bereavement Services Manager).

No kerbs, border stones, tiles, slates, raised mounds, turf banking or wooden erections are permitted.

No trees, shrubs or planting other than low growing material should be placed on the grave and all planting should be contained in the soil area at the head of the grave.

No interference by the public in the scheme of layout of the planting, graves or borders will be permitted. The Council reserve the right to remove dead flowers, wreaths etc at all times. The Council has the authority to remove, without notice anything placed on or round a grave which contravenes these regulations.