Burials and cremations fees and charges

Burial fees

Leasing a private grave (exclusive right of burial)

Subject to availability at individual cemeteries.

Exclusive rights of burial
Service Fee 
Allocated earthen grave - 50 year lease for Trafford resident £955
Allocated earthen grave - 50 year lease for  non Trafford resident £1640
Cremated remains plot £890
Lease extension - 5 years £55
Lease extension - 10 years £100

Interment fees

Interment fees
Interment   Fee 
Under 18 years old No charge
Over 18 years old Trafford resident £965
Over 18 years old non Trafford resident £1450
Interment of body parts £100

All graves must have a minimum of 25 years remaining on the lease for a burial can take place.

For multiple interment at the same time in the same grave, the first interment shall be charged at the full interment rate. Every further interment (including that of cremated remains) shall be charged at 50% of the interment full rate.

Public graves for Trafford residents only

Public grave fees
Interment  Fee 
Under 18 years old No charge
Over 18 years old Trafford resident £965

Cremation fees


Prices include medical referee and environmental charges. There is no charge for under 18 years cremation.

Cremation Fees
Cremation for over 18 year olds  Fee
 30–minute service £810
 30–minute service - early times 9.00am or 9.30am £675
 45–minute service £910
Direct Cremation with no service or attendees £520
Cremation of body parts £100

Disposal of cremated remains

Disposal of cremated remains fees
Disposal of cremated remains Fee 
Scattering of cremated remains - not available at Hale Price on application
Storage before pick up – charge per month after 1 month £30
Interment of cremated remains fees
Interment at Hale, Stretford or Urmston Fee 
Interment fee for contained cremated remains £300
Interment fee for loose cremated remains £120
Fee to witness interment of cremated remains if cremated at Altrincham Crematorium £75
Fee to witness interment of cremated remains from another crematorium  £110

View additional memorial options for cremated remains, including the Columbarium Vaults and Niche Wall.

Chapel hire fees

Hire of crematoria chapel
Dunham Lawn 30 minutes £290
Dunham Lawn 45 minutes £390
Hale £150

Miscellaneous fees

Miscellaneous Fees
Transfer of Burial Rights £100
Cremation – Medical Referee Service £31
Cremation – Environmental Fees £64
Wooden Casket £125
Grave Search (charge per name) £22

Financial Aid

For details of financial aid available for funeral costs, see our Help and Support page.