Children in Care Council

Our Children in Care Council members have created their version of what the perfect social worker looks like and the qualities they need.

After discussing what makes a good social worker, the youngsters got to work with lots of bright colours to build and decorate a wonderful model.

They also came up with a check list of what kind of person their mannequin should be and what they need to be good at. The children decided  they should:

  • Be good at helping people
  • Be kind
  • Think about everybody
  • Have special treats
  • Check their phone
  • Help when people when they’re upset
  • Tell jokes
  • Include,  and don’t exclude
  • Be friendly
  • Bring games
  • Don’t just talk to us, spend time with us.

The next step is for the children to write their ideas of what makes a good social worker onto their model. Then someone who fits the description of their perfect social worker will come to the next social workers conference to help run a workshop.