Pure Insight celebrates success

Pure Insight was launched in July 2018 to deliver a range of projects which provide practical and emotional support to care leavers aged 16-28.

The projects address a range of serious issues including: homelessness, loneliness and isolation, poor mental/physical health and lack of opportunities. The aim is to support young care leavers to develop their skills and confidence, while nurturing their talents.

Since Pure Insight launched it has delivered mentor training to local volunteers and has matched 13 care leavers with a mentor. Currently a second group of volunteer mentors are being trained and an additional 21 young people are getting ready to take part in the scheme which is funded by Trafford Housing Trusts large grants scheme and the Council.

It is making a difference to care leavers by giving them the chance to build a positive relationship with someone who can help them on their journey through life.

As one young people recently commented: ‘the mentors are a great help’. The Pure Insight team hear many more amazing stories of personal growth and achievement.

If you are local to Trafford, non-judgemental and kind, and have a few hours a week to spare to encourage and motivate a young person to achieve their potential, then Pure Insight would love to hear from you - they are always looking for new mentors.

To find out more visit www.pure-insight.org.uk or contact Jackie McNeish, Mentoring Coordinator, on 07880257302 or jackie.m@pure-insight.org.uk