Pay for foster carers

We know that payment is important to enable you to give the child or young person in your care the home life they deserve and we are confident that the package of benefits and support we offer to our foster carers is competitive. 

Foster carers receive a standard allowance, which in Trafford is paid fortnightly. This is intended to cover the basic costs of providing for a child, such as food, clothing and pocket money and depends on the age of the child or children you care for.

The allowance you receive will also depend on your ‘skill level’, which is determined by the experience you gain over time as you foster and the training you attend.

As an example, the current package for a Level 2 foster carer is detailed below. Use this as a starting point and for a more accurate idea of what you can expect to receive when you foster for Trafford, contact us. 

Pay rates

pay rates
Age in yearsBasic allowance  Skills payment   Total 
0 – 1 £154 £116.08 £270.08
2 – 3    £159 £113.63  £272.63
4 – 7 £175 £124.99   £299.99
8 – 10 £175 £171.34   £346.34
11 – 12 £199 £158.18        £357.18
13 – 15 £199 £233.73 £432.73
16 – 17 £233 £252.60  £485.60

Contact us

Contact our fostering team on 0161 912 3558 or email to arrange a call.

We will talk you through our approach to allowances for different types of fostering, what tax you can expect to pay and how this may affect any benefits you receive. We can also give more information on all the extra advantages of fostering directly for your local authority.

Approved foster carers

If you’re already an approved foster carer and fostering for an independent fostering agency (IFA), our team would be delighted to speak to you and help you to compare your current package with the Trafford offer.

Further information 

You can find more information about payment for foster carers on our partner website, Fostering Unfiltered, which has been produced by the ten local authorities of the Greater Manchester region.