Guidance for community event grant applications

How to complete the application form for a grant of up to £500 to support a community event.

Please read this guide carefully before completing your form. It explains how the different sections will be checked for eligibility and scored by the decision-making panel.

If you are applying for up to £2,000 for longer-term project please refer to the projects guidance.

Inclusive Neighbourhoods Grants

The Inclusive Neighbourhoods Grant aims to support events and projects that bring different people together, across faith, generations, places or diversity, integrating residents and strengthening cohesion. We are particularly looking to support our diverse communities, such as our LGBT, Disability and BME communities, as well as isolated older and younger people, to access local activities and groups they may not currently do.

Projects should be resident-led and use local people and places in their delivery. They should also support health and wellbeing, make places safer or improve the local environment. All events and projects must benefit Trafford residents.

Trafford Council are making £100,000 available in 2021 in grants of up to £500 for events and up to £2,000 for projects. A proportion of the £100,000 funding will be released every few months. A panel of Councillors from across the borough will come together within three weeks after each closing date to decide on the applications.

Who can apply?

For grants of up to £500 for community events, Trafford residents and community groups can apply.

For grants of up to £2,000 for community projects, any group or organisation that is constituted, with a minimum of three unrelated members as committee members has its own, non-personal, bank account can apply.

This includes groups of neighbours, friends and small informal community groups, as well as voluntary organisations, local charitable organisations and not for profit social enterprises (Community Interest Company and Charitable Incorporated Organisation).

Who cannot apply?

  • Any private sector or “for profit” organisations including sole traders and limited companies.
  • Public service organisations i.e. local authorities, social housing providers, education institutions, health authorities etc.
  • Events that do not benefit the residents of Trafford
  • Events that promote specific religious or political views over others

Eligibility criteria

  • Two unrelated people are named on the application form.
  • Trafford Council or Trafford Housing Trust Social Investment has not provided you/your organisation with funding for the same or similar activity in the last year or equipment in the last two years.
  • If the event involves the use of a park, land or buildings, you must have permission to use these.
  • If the event requires the supervision of children or adults at risk you have a Safeguarding Policy which is in line with the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership. If you are successful we may request a copy before the grant is paid.
  • The grant will be used to support an event that will take place on a single occasion. For activity that will take place on multiple occasions please use the Project application form.
  • The event will take place within six months of the closing date of funding round.
  • The maximum amount you have applied for is £500. There is no minimum amount. You can apply for any type of cost (including staffing, stationery, equipment etc.). If you are successful, we require quotes/evidence of costs for any item over £200 before the grant is paid.
  • You have already secured any additional funding you require for the event.
  • You or your organisation/group can only submit one application per funding round for either a project or an event.
  • Your application must be submitted at least 2 months before the proposed start date i.e. the funding period prior to the event.
  • For a group to submit a new bid any outstanding final evaluation forms must have been received by the Inclusive Economy and Communities Team
  • All submitted applications will be reviewed by the Inclusive Economy and Communities Teams to ensure the application meets the eligibility criteria above. Only those that meet the criteria will be put forward to the Decision Panel.

About your event

There are three sections to the form which you must complete. The following table explains each section and how it will be used to check your application. Please read the guidance documents before completing this form.

SectionWhat is it for?How will it be checked?
Section 1:
Your details
This section lets us know who you are, how we contact you and if you or your event has been funded by us before. It also confirms that you have the necessary permissions and safeguarding in place to deliver your event. This section will be used to check that your application is eligible to go through to the Decision Panel.
Section 2:
About your event
This is where you tell us about your event and demonstrate how it meets the objectives of the Inclusive Neighbourhood Grants.
  • You have described the ‘what, where, when, who, how and why’ of your event
  • You have explained how your project will be inclusive to different people within the community
  • The event directly benefits the residents of Trafford
Section 3:
This is where you tell us what you want to spend the grant on and whether you are getting any other money to run the event other than the grant you are applying for.
  • The budget table is clear and adds up correctly
  • The budget contains reasonable costs
  • You have secured any additional funding or other help towards the event

Submitting your application

Closing dates for each period are:

  • 31 July 2021
  • 31 October 2021
  • 31 January 2022

You can submit your application by emailing it to

All applicants will receive a receipt within five working days once the application is submitted. If you are not contacted to confirm receipt of your application please let us know on the contact details below.

Sharing of information

To ensure the allocation of our grants achieves maximum impact for Trafford’s communities we work closely with other funders in the borough.

Non-personal details of your application will be shared with Trafford Housing Trust Social Investment Board and other services within Trafford Council to ensure there is no duplication of funding and that any previous projects delivered by your organisation which were funded were effectively delivered, monitored and reported.

Decision Panel

All applications which meet the eligibility criteria will be put forward to the Decision Panel consisting of local councillors - three Labour, two Conservative, one Liberal Democrat and one Green Party.

The Panel aim to meet within three weeks of the closing date of each round and you should have a decision with five working days following the panel meeting. Due to the availability of the panel members and high number of applications received this time scale may be extended.

Grant agreement and terms and conditions

  • All successful grant recipients will be required to complete and sign a grant agreement detailing how they will spend, monitor and evaluate the grant, and sign our terms and conditions.
  • We require quotes/evidence of costs for any item over £200 before the grant is paid.
  • If the event requires the supervision of children or adults at risk we may request a copy of your Safeguarding Policy, which must be in line with the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership, before the grant is paid.
  • Your event must take place within six months of the closing date for the round of funding you are applying to.
  • Successful applicants will be responsible for ensuring that there are the necessary policies and procedures, such as public liability insurance and risk assessment, in place to run their event safely.
  • If your application is successful you cannot submit another bid for the same event in the same area of Trafford within 12 months.
  • If a bid applies to replicate an event but in a different area of Trafford it may only do so once within a financial year/funding period (this includes both successful and unsuccessful bids)
  • For a group to submit a new bid any outstanding final evaluation forms must have been received by the Inclusive Economy and Communities Team
  • If a similar/ same event is submitted but covers a different area then you will be required to provide outcomes from this previous event.
  • Ongoing advice and support will be provided by the Inclusive Economy and Communities Team.
  • Successful applicants must include on their publicity that the project/event has been funded by Trafford Council, using the council approved logo.

Final checklist

Ensure you have:

  • Completed every section in the application form
  • Provided contact details for two unrelated people
  • The necessary permission and safeguarding in place for your event
  • A copy of the application form for your own records

Help and support

Contact the Inclusive Economies and Communities Team if you need help and support by emailing

If you have not received acknowledgement of receipt of your application within five working days of submission please contact us immediately.