Draft Older People's Housing Strategy 2019-2024 Consultation

Trafford Council currently does not have an Older People’s Housing Strategy.

To address this gap, a Draft Older People’s Housing Strategy has been prepared, with a focus on people aged over 55.

The aim of the strategy is to deliver an integrated approach to the housing needs of older people in the borough. This includes a focus on enabling older people to remain in their own homes and to make active and informed choices where necessary or desired. It also includes a focus on suitable housing, care and support, while maximising independence and quality of life.

The strategy identifies some key themes to improve the range and quantity of housing provision for older people, and contains a number of priorities for the Council to focus on. It will also contain an action plan and priorities for the Council to focus on.

Consultation on the draft strategy took place during October / November 2019. The new strategy is currently being amended following the consultation and will be launched early 2020.