Foxes (advisory visit only)

Keeping foxes out of your garden

Whilst foxes are mostly active at night at certain times of the year (when they are breeding or feeding young cubs) you may see them during the day.

Foxes are very agile and can also burrow into the ground so it is very difficult to keep them out of your garden.

No matter where you live your garden will probably form part of the territory of one or more urban foxes and they will pass through from time to time.

The most likely reason for a fox to enter your garden is in the search for food. Removal of all food sources will reduce the attractiveness of your garden to the fox. Also, If you keep chickens or rabbits in your garden it is inevitable that foxes will be attracted.

What can I do?

  • Keep all rubbish in wheelie bins or closed containers (make sure lids are properly closed). Do not leave plastic bags of waste outside
  • Only put your bins out on the morning of collection
  • If you feed your pets (e.g. dogs & cats) outside, once they have finished eating dispose of any leftovers in your bin, and take their food bowl back inside
  • If you feed garden birds use only purpose built bird feeders. Do not put any food on the ground
  • Avoid putting household food scraps on your compost heap or in your compost bin.

Use of repellants

There are a range of fox repellant sprays available from garden centres, hardware or DIY stores which are approved for use to deter foxes. Some are more effective than others.

Other deterrents

  • Scarecrows which have a motion-activated sprinkler that detects foxes and sprays a short, sharp jet of water at the animal.
  • Ultrasonic devices which, when they detect a fox in the vicinity, emit a high pitched sound which scares the fox. However if they are used constantly the foxes will get used to them and no longer be frightened.
  • Deterrent lights which have night activated red flashing LED lights that convince the fox that it is being watched. There are electrical and solar powered versions of these products.
  • Proofing - whilst it is very difficult to keep them out of your garden or from burrowing under sheds etc. heavy duty wire mesh buried to a depth of 12 inches (300mm) into the ground may stop them gaining access.
  • Removal of faeces - foxes use their faeces as a territory marker so removal and disinfection with a strong smelling disinfectant may deter them from using the area again.

Other sources of help

RSPCA - Advice about foxes

The Fox Project - Humane Deterrance