Filming in Trafford

We are a member of Creative England’s Film Friendly Partnership Network, welcoming filming to Trafford and ensuring co-operation and commitment to assist production. We share information on filming requests with Creative England.

Film, TV and photographic companies should always contact us before filming or taking photographs in public spaces in the borough.

By 'film' we mean all forms of moving image production. This includes feature films, television, commercials, music videos, drama documentaries, corporate productions, video and interactive media.

By 'photography' we mean all forms of still, digital and photo imaging. This includes advertising, editorial, fashion, corporate and wedding photography.

Location filming

If you are interested in filming in one of our buildings or outdoor spaces - our parks and greenspaces are very popular - then download and complete our Filming in Trafford form and send it to

We'll look at your request along with existing scheduled events and planned maintenance work. We will want to understand any impact on neighbours and how this is being mitigated. We’ll also make sure your proposals respect our values and the locations to be used. 

If you wish to proceed with a booking you will be required to send evidence of your public liability insurance and a site specific risk assessment as well as confirming invoicing details and providing a purchase order if applicable.

Trafford Town Hall, a mix of 1930s art deco and modern architecture, is now available as a filming location - visit Trafford's Flickr account to view images.

Unit bases

The Council occassionally has access to spaces which can be used by unit bases. If you are looking for a unit base in Trafford call us on 0161 912 4502 to see if we have anything available.

Child employment and entertainment

A different team deal with Child Performance Licences and Body of Persons applications visit their web page for futher information.

Filming with drones

If you would like to film with drones read our guidance notes before submitting a filming application.

News crews

Professional 'news' crews are not usually required to obtain a filming permit for filming at council-managed outdoor spaces. We would however always advise you to check in with us so we can let you know of any possible conflicts and include your activity in our filming calendar. Permission is always required for filming at the Council’s cemeteries or crematorium.