Play streets

If you think you might be interested in closing your road to allow the children on your road to play out here are some important things you need to think about before submitting a formal application. For further guidance and ideas, visit the playing out website

  • If a play street is granted it will be for no more than 3 hours at a time
  • The play street will be permitted to run once a month
  • It must run under adult supervision
  • TTRO will be created for a 12 month period and will then need to be renewed
  • Is entirely for the purpose of play
  • No licensable activity or bouncy castles will be permitted
  • Vehicle access to residents to be provided at all time by stewards
  • Fees will be updated soon, in the meantime you can contact for more information 

Neighbourhood consultation

Talk to your neighbours to see if they would support the idea. You will need to consult all the residents on your road and carry out a neighbourhood consultation and allow a reasonable time for them to respond, we recommend three weeks in case anyone is on holiday for a fortnight. 

Check if the road is suitable 

Contact the events officer by emailing The events officer will talk to the Highways officer to see if in principal the road looks suitable. If the answer is yes we will discuss what signage you will need,  where it will need to be placed and what stewarding you will need.


The application form requires a nominated organiser plus signatures from 3 different households on the road who actively support the application. You will probably need a pool of volunteers to help manage the road closures.


To safely close the road you will need access to things like; high vis jackets, road closure signs and traffic cones. 

Risk assessment 

Whilst the road will be closed to through traffic access must be maintained for residents. If a resident asks for vehicle access the vehicle must drive at walking speed and a steward will need to accompany the vehicle so you will need to have a steward at each junction where the road is closed.


You can find the following supporting documentation to use as part of your application on our guidance page:

  • Neighbourhood consultation letter template
  • Volunteers form – to sign
  • Indemnity form – to sign
  • Risk assessment template

Apply online