Employment support

Getting into and staying in work can seem challenging, but there is support out there. The following fully funded programmes are available in Trafford:

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Restart is a government Scheme providing up to 12 months of enhanced support to help you find a job in your local area. It's designed to break down any employment barriers that could be holding you back from finding work.

You will have a dedicated Advisor who will be your single point of contact during your time on Restart Scheme. They will spend time with you to understand your circumstances, your skills and any concerns you may have. They will work with you to develop a personalised plan of action to help build your confidence, wellbeing, skills and motivation so that you’re ready to move forward and get secure employment.

You will meet regularly with your Restart Scheme Advisor to provide you with the support you need to progress. Being out of work can be a challenging time and that’s why your Restart Scheme Advisor will help you access the specialist support you need to get you back into work.

You will need to be referred by your JCP work coach to access the support Restart provides. For further information contact Rob Garner on 07741028676, email robert.garner@gcemployment.uk.

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The Working Well Work and Health Programme

This provides support for unemployed people with health conditions or disabilities. It is also designed to help those individuals who have been out of work for a long time as well as those who might need some specialist support.

If you have any kind of mental or physical health condition and would like support getting back into work please contact Gary Beasley on 0161 228 1111 or gary.beasley@gcemployment.uk.

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National Careers Service

Offer free and impartial careers advice to adults and young people aged 13+.   

We can:

  • Support with interview preparation including Skype and telephone interviews
  • Help you to identify suitable career change options; CV review and development
  • Provide links to local job vacancies with employers
  • Provide links to local training courses and funding
  • Work closely with local employers/employees facing redundancy

Call us to find out more information or book a telephone appointment on 0800 100 900

View the information leaflet.

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United Response

Provides support to adults and young people with learning disabilities, autism spectrum conditions and mental health needs to work towards and gain paid employment.

On their journey towards employment we support people to experience voluntary work and direct work experience through in-work placements. We offer extremely person centred support specifically design around each individuals support needs. We currently have two main project that’s we run.

For more information call 0161 873 7479.

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Pathways to Employment

Set up to support adults with autism to gain paid employment. As part of that project we also run Stepping forward, our six Week pre-employment course for clients who are on the autistic spectrum/ ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia etc. who are not currently accessing mainstream activities, education, training or employment. Individuals must live in Trafford area to access this project.

The programme is to support customers to build and gain their confidence, motivation and/or employability skills, with the intention of progressing them onto work, training, and education

For more information please contact 0161 873 7479 or E-mail info@unitedresponse.org.uk

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Trafford Supported Employment

Funded throughTrafford Local authorities adult social care. This project specifically support adults who live in Trafford, who have a learning disability who are in receipt of support from Trafford Adult social care.

We again offer extremely person centred support to help people move towards paid employment as a future goal. This could include, in the early stages long term voluntary work, work experience and skills building.

For more information contact Amy Stott, Team Leader on 07773230529/ office 0161 873 7479 or email amy.stott@unitedresponse.org.uk.

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Individual Placement and Support in Primary Care (IPSPC)

This initiative aims to help people with physical or mental health disabilities into sustained employment, or provide them with support to stay in or return to their current job.

WW IPSPC follows the “place, train, and maintain” model. This means prioritising flexible one-to-one support for individual participants, from guidance on how to write a CV and apply for jobs to bespoke career advice and follow-up assistance once paid work has been secured or resumed. It also involves direct and ongoing engagement with employers to produce the best possible outcomes.

This tried-and-tested approach builds on participants’ needs, strengths, and talents. In the process, it enables them to realise their potential for recovery, recover more rapidly and effectively, build strategies to manage their health conditions, build social connections and support networks, gain financial independence, and improve their general health and wellbeing.

In addition, the approach provides support for employers to help them create a work environment where all employees can thrive.

For further information contact Nichola Houghton on 07918 322 987 or by email nichola.houghton@gcemployment.uk.

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Working Well: Pioneer

Working Well: Pioneer is a personalised programme to support you into sustainable work through employment support, upskilling and training with continued support once you’re in-work. Working Well: Pioneer offers support for up to 15 months plus optional in-work support of up to 6 months.

You will receive specialist one-to-one support from a dedicated Employment Specialist including:

  • A personalised 4-week accelerator plan.
  • Access to an employer within the first 30 days on programme.
  • A wide range of health-related interventions.
  • Job specific CV and cover letter creation.
  • Mock interviews.
  • Better-off calculation.
  • Access to the iWorks digital careers platform.
  • National Careers Service skills and job assessments.
  • Travel planning.
  • Ongoing in-work support.
  • Career progression and development support once in-work.

For more information, call 0161 237 4169 or email: Pioneerreferrals@gcemployment.uk  

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Working Well: Support to Succeed

Working Well: Support to Succeed will help to boost your confidence and support you in achieving your goals. The service can help you by providing tailored, one-to-one support based around your individual needs. This includes providing:

  • A dedicated advisor to support you every step of the way.
  • Careers advice and support such as helping with writing your CV and preparing you for interviews.
  • Opportunities to gain new skills and work experience.
  • Working with specialist services to help you overcome any barriers preventing you from achieving your ambitions.

Benefits to you include:

  • Improved skills and knowledge.
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem.
  • Access to specialist support.
  • Potential of increased financial income upon finding work.

We understand that pursuing new experiences and gaining employment can be daunting, which is why our team of friendly advisors will support you every step of the way.

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Pathways 50+

Pathways 50+ main purpose is to focus on supporting participants to reach employment, training or volunteering opportunities.

They will support all those referred onto the programme with a personalised 1-2-1 intervention plan (19 hours of support per client) and through peer support groups/workshops which have been designed to help participants with their health and wellbeing, reduce isolation, to build confidence, to manage mental health/physical health conditions and to offer options for new opportunities.

If there is something that they can’t help our clients with, they will suggest a referral for some additional help from another service, alongside their sessions with Pathways.


  • 50+ - State Pension Age (although there can be some flexibility with this)
  • North Manchester (They will consider clients who may be out of area)
  • Unemployed and in receipt of benefits


  • Building confidence and self esteem
  • Managing anxiety and depression
  • Managing health conditions
  • Employment skills
  • Physical Health

Make a refferal online.

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Support for self-employed


EnterprisingYou is tailored to help those with a budding business idea or established self-employed individuals, freelancers and gig economy workers in Greater Manchester.

Our program will help you make a smooth transition into self-employment, start-up your new venture, elevate your profile or discover your business growth potential.

Learn ways to kickstart or improve your business and reach your goals quicker and more efficiently. With workshops and free advice on a variety of topics, from personal skills to marketing and business/personal finance.

Give our advisors a call to discuss your needs.

We can help with:

  • Analysis of business idea and viability
  • How self-employment may impact on personal circumstances
  • Legalities of becoming self-employed/starting a business
  • Business and cash flow planning
  • Advice on where to access finance
  • Marketing
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Face-to-face and online support
  • Networking events
  • Access to wider GM Business Growth Hub services

Eligibility: 16+, living or trading in Greater Manchester

Build a Business

Build A Business is aimed at small businesses, entrepreneurs and anyone thinking of starting their own business. It’s running across all 10 Greater Manchester authorities, offering tailored help to support new businesses. From Artisan Baker to Zumba Instructor, we can help you with whatever the type of business you’re focusing on.

Each GM Library service has a dedicated small business Enterprise Officer and are delivering a wide range of workshops and services including information surgeries, digital support including selling online and 3D printing, business planning and pitching for business. Get help launching your business and gaining the skills and confidence you need.

As well as this our core workshops include:

Know your market, get competitive

Giving valuable insights into unlocking the Business and IP Centre Manchester’s £5 million collection of UK and global business databases (including market research and company and financial information) to assess market potential and develop a viable business plan, upskilling you to ‘know your market’.

Intellectual Property, protecting your assets

Find out the basics of Intellectual Property (IP) and how it can be important to a new business. Make sure your product, service, website and brand are protected from would be copycats or do not infringe others’ rights.

We can also help you get insights into protecting your intellectual property (IP), such as copyright and trademarks.

Business basics getting started

The essential ‘nuts and bolts’ of starting up and running a successful enterprise, including:

  • Legal structures
  • Business planning
  • Cashflow, finance and Tax
  • Marketing 101 Masterclass:
  • Customer profiling
  • Social media
  • Writing a marketing plan

Book an appointment with our local Enterprise Officer, who will provide one to one support and create a business information plan for you, research your business and market using the industry-standard databases and resources available as well as signpost you to other specialised help.

For more information contact Joe Drury: