Computer and internet access

PCs are available in all Trafford Libraries. You can automatically log on to a PC with your library card number and PIN. PC sessions can also be booked.

How to book a PC session

There are two ways to book a PC session:

  • You can call in at any library to book a session
  • You can phone any library to book 1 hour session

Charges to use a PC after an hour

Our PCs are free to use for an hour a day and after this there is a charge.

If you wish to book a longer session there is a charge of 50p per half hour or part half hour. Extra time must be paid for at the time of booking and no refunds can be given.

Users registered with Trafford Libraries as visually impaired, who need to use screen magnification software, are exempt from PC charges.

Facilities available

  • Free high-speed internet access
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Each library has one PC with disabled access, large keyboard and trackball as well as software for those needing screen magnification
  • Scanners are available in most libraries

Printing from a PC

You can print in black and white or colour.

  • Black and white printing is 10p per single side or 15p per double side
  • Colour printing is 50p per single side or 75p per double side

Saving your work

You can save to CD or USB memory stick and you will need to save any work before the end of your session, as it will be lost once the session ends.

Getting help using the computers

To help users who are new to computers we have included a link to the BBC Webwise site - here you will find help on the basics of using computers and the internet as well as some more advanced topics. It's free and you don't need to register or sign up.

Getting help from staff in the libraries

We can offer you help on a 1-2-1 basis and we can assist you with various devices, phones, computers, laptops etc. You can book an appointment at a suitable time for yourself and library staff. All you need to do is either fill in the digital champions form, call in to your nearest library or ring the library line 0161 912 3189 and a member of staff will contact you regarding an appointment.

Use of the equipment is governed by the Trafford libraries acceptable use policy and Code of conduct.