Trafford Moving

Trafford Moving, is our sport and physical activity strategy, the strategy has been developed by the Trafford Moving Partnership, which is a collective of organisations involved in the delivery of sport and physical activity in Trafford.

The vision of the strategy is to enable residents in Trafford to move more, every day. In short, the partnership is working to encourage everyone to engage in activity, every day in a way that is suitable to them. The partnership will enable this by developing projects, partnerships and initiatives that builds on existing activity opportunities, whilst also enabling new ways to be active in Trafford.

By enabling everyone to move more every day the Trafford Moving Partnership wants to reduce the amount of people who are inactive and engage in 30 minutes or less of activity per week. Currently, according to Sport England’s Active Lives Survey 2022, around 23.6% of residents in Trafford are inactive and don’t do enough activity to positively affect their health and wellbeing.

Being inactive can have a detrimental effect on our health and over a pro-longed period can lead to disease and long-term health conditions. Data also suggests that certain groups of people are also more likely to be inactive.

The Trafford Moving strategy sets out how the Trafford Moving Partnership will deliver its vision and reduce the number of inactive residents in Trafford. Below is a summary of the key areas of focus for the partnership.

Community Based Physical Activity Plans

Where you live in Trafford can affect how active you are. In the borough there are several communities where inactivity levels are higher than when compared to other communities. To address this issue, the partnership working with residents in these communities will develop a plan to increase opportunities to be active enabling people in these communities to move more, every day.

Creating Active Schools Framework/Holiday Activity Fund

Sport England data suggests school aged children are not active enough to positively affect their health. Evidence around physical activity shows that positive engagement in physical activity at an early age is a key indicator of how active you are as an adult.

The Creating Active Schools Framework is seeking to embed physical activity into the heart of everyday school life and in doing so ensure physical activity becomes a norm for all children. The framework seeks to positively influence policy, educators, and families to create more active schools.

The Holiday Activity Fund is a Department of Education funded project to provide free activities and meals to school aged children in receipt of free school meals. The project runs during Easter, summer and Christmas school breaks.

The Trafford Moving Partnership is supporting a pilot of the Creating Active Schools Framework in two schools in Trafford and is developing a menu of Holiday Activity Clubs across the borough.

Physical Activity Referral Pathway

Moving more can have a positive impact on a range of health conditions. Through the Physical Activity Referral Scheme and in conjunction with Trafford Leisure, the pathway will provide an opportunity to feel the benefits of moving more.

Once referred by a health professional, individuals will be provided with a needs assessment and receive an individual programme, from Trafford Leisure's qualified referral staff to support their journey.

The benefits of the programme include improved overall health, control of weight, improved confidence, and self-esteem, reducing risk of major illness such as heart disease, diabetes and some cancers and an improved quality of life. The programme has been an excellent way of using physical activity as a way of supporting and improving individuals' health and wellbeing.


Trafford has a proud history of hosting major sporting events, with a global and national profile. The borough hosted the opening game of the Women’s European Championship 2022 and the Rugby League World Cup 2021 Finals, which included both the Women’s and Men’s finals. Trafford is also the home of the Manchester Marathon and Half-Marathon.

In both cases the borough has significantly benefited from the legacy of these events as they have led to investment or opportunities for residents to be active or volunteer.

Hosting the Manchester Marathon and Half Marathon the Trafford Moving Partnership has been able to support clubs, athletes, and community groups through the Trafford Active Fund.

Through the Trafford Moving strategy the Local Authority and its partners will seek to ensure the borough benefits from hosting.

Getting involved

We can all play a part in enabling each other to move, more every day. If you are a resident, community group or a sports club, that need help or information you can contact us be email at