Kingsway Primary School air quality monitoring project

Trafford Council's air quality monitoring project at Kingsway Primary School, which was carried out between March 2015 and June 2016, showed that pollution levels were below UK national objectives, that set limits on pollution levels.

The project was introduced proactively by the Council, after public concerns were raised. The school location was chosen, due to its close proximity to Junction 9 of the exceedingly busy M60 motorway.

Trafford Council's Deputy Chief Executive, Helen Jones, said: "The Council is committed to ensuring all of its communities benefit, as far as possible, from a clean, green and safe environment. By carrying out this real-time monitoring project, we have been able to monitor levels of known pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide, particulates and sulphur dioxide and use the data to compare this area against the national air quality objectives.

While reassured to find that the air quality at Kingsway Primary School does not exceed national standards, this does not mean that we will be complacent. We will continue to take all possible measures to bring about further improvements to local air quality in support of the Greater Manchester Air Quality Action Plan & Low Emission Strategy.

The monitoring data confirmed that there were no exceedances of the UK National Air quality objectives at the study location for Nitrogen Dioxide.

The data obtained gives assurance that at the site pollution levels were below national standards, particularly for compounds and heavy metals.

The full report is available on the Trafford Council website
Posted on Thursday 30th March 2017