Trafford Council concern over proposed bank closures

Trafford Council members have expressed concern over the planned closure of three branches of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The branches, in Partington, Altrincham and Urmston, are among a list of 54 facing closure nationally.

A motion to Wednesday night’s full council stated: “The Council believes the proposed closures will massively inconvenience local residents and small businesses who prefer to conduct their banking arrangements through a high street branch and rejects the increasing assumption that internet banking is the right choice for everyone. Experience shows that certain groups , including older people, will be especially inconvenienced.”

Members are particularly upset by the proposed closure of the Partington branch which is currently the last bank in the area. It was also noted that NatWest branches in Stretford, Hale, and Timperley have closed in recent years.

Councillors from all parties passed a motion to write to the Chief Executive of the RBS to express deep concern at the proposals “and call for a pause to be placed on the proposals until such time that effective dialogue has been undertaken with the local authority on ensuring our communities continue to have access to banking facilities that will help businesses and communities to thrive.

Posted on Friday 28th September 2018