Trafford Council launches borough's first ever Play Street!

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Trafford Council has launched the borough’s first ever Play Street – to the delight of children and parents alike.
Moreton Avenue in Stretford was the street chosen to pilot the scheme which allows children to play safely and freely outside their homes on a regular basis.
Around 100 children and parents gathered on the street for fun and games – safe in the knowledge they wouldn’t come to any harm from traffic.
A play street is a street that is closed to traffic either permanently or during certain hours so that it can be used as a play area by local children. The scheme is designed to encourage children to play out to improve their health and wellbeing, build community relationships and reduce social isolation. The sessions are resident-led and supervised by volunteer residents and people living on the street are consulted with before any Play Street scheme goes ahead.
Cllr Stephen Adshead, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Environment, Air Quality and Climate Change, who also represents the area, brought forward the idea of Play Streets. Cllr Adshead, who attended the event with residents, said:

We are delighted to have opened Trafford’s very first ever Play Street. Children on Moreton Avenue, at designated times, will now be able to play freely and safely in their own street.

This will help children become more healthy and will go some way in reducing social isolation. It will help to bring the community together as one. I attended the first event and everyone seemed to have a great time – the children were in their element. We had stewards each end of the street to make sure cars were not coming through. Any resident wishing to park up was walked through by one of the stewards. If this trial is a success, we will be looking at introducing more Play Streets across the borough."

A spokesman for the Moreton Avenue residents group said:

It was a fantastic afternoon and everyone really enjoyed it, and we are thrilled to be the first one in Trafford.”

Trafford Council made a temporary order for traffic to be banned from Moreton Avenue when it is turned into a Play Street. The trial will continue on the road once a month between now and December.
Eleanor Roaf, Trafford Council’s Interim Director of Public Health, said:

I am delighted that we have been able to support Trafford’s first Play Street.  Play Streets are well established in many other towns across the country, and are a fantastic way of getting more children playing outside, and also of neighbours getting to know each other. We very much hope that all the participants in the Moreton Avenue area had a wonderful time, and that other residents across the borough will be inspired to do the same.”

Trafford Council is planning to pilot the Play Street scheme in two other areas in the borough and hopes to spread the initiative to other areas.

Posted on Thursday 25th July 2019