Patrols stepped up to ensure social distancing rules followed

Trafford Council is to increase the number of patrols taking place across the borough to ensure that social distancing is properly observed in parks and other public spaces.

While most people are following the guidelines announced by the government to stop the spread of the coronavirus, a minority are still flouting the rules.

With the weather expected to improve and Easter Bank Holiday weekend coming up there are concerns that people may not heed the warnings.

Council officers are encouraging people who use the borough’s parks and open spaces to follow the new guidance which is as follows:

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons, exercise or work (if you cannot work from home)
  • Limit outdoor exercise to once per day
  • If you go out, stay two metres (6ft) away from other people at all times
  • Do not meet people from outside your household, even friends or family

If people have a concern about social distancing guidelines not being observed – for example there are groups congregating in public spaces - this can be reported by calling 0161 912 3434 or by emailing

When issues are reported, the individuals concerned will be reminded of the current social distancing requirements and encouraged to comply. In serious cases, where the wider community may be put at risk, police will have the powers to fine people and the Council can issue community protection notices.

Cllr Mike Freeman Executive Member for Public Safety Governance and Reform said:

Social distancing puts restrictions on all our lives and is a big change to what we are used to, but it’s clear that the better the guidelines are followed, the quicker we can reduce the spread of covid-19, and the sooner we should be able to return to normality.

The vast majority of residents in Trafford have done an excellent job in keeping their trips outside the home to an absolute minimum, and our officers on patrol will help to maintain this and encourage compliance by anyone not yet aware of social distancing requirements.”

Posted on Friday 3rd April 2020