Council supports free parking scheme for health and social care workers

Trafford Council’s health and social care workers have been given a boost as they carry out their life-saving work during the coronavirus crisis.

The employees can take advantage of a new website which has been set up by Government to help critical care workers find free parking locations quickly and easily.

The new site contains thousands of parking spaces at car parks, privately owned spaces and single yellow lines across the borough.

This platform has been designed to support the government’s COVID-19 free parking scheme for these critical workers. It is hoped that this will allow them to save time as they focus on supporting the national effort. In a number of easy steps the site shows how to locate available free parking and whether registration (private parking) or a pass is (Council facilities on and off street) needed to confirm eligibility.

The new website is a joint collaboration between the British Parking Association and its members Parkopedia, YourParkingSpace and JustPark and supported by the wider parking community. 

Cllr James Wright, Trafford Council’s Executive member for Housing and Regeneration, welcomed the news. He said:

NHS employees and Council care staff are risking their own safety and wellbeing to look after us. They truly are heroes and I applaud each and every one of them for the amazing work they are doing on the front line in the fight against coronavirus.

This new website will help them find free parking at important times and can only help them as they carry out their life-saving duties. It is a great idea.”   

A BPA spokesperson said: 

Members of the British Parking Association are focusing attention on doing the right thing to help in this national emergency, using our expertise and resources in the most effective manner. The new search facility will help NHS staff and critical care workers easily find available free parking close to where they need to be. It is one less thing for these amazing healthcare workers to worry about and can save time when their focus is on saving lives.”

To take advantage of the free parking, visit the site, enter your desired destination, select your preferred parking location, check and read instructions – you may need to register in advance – and park.

Posted on Thursday 9th April 2020