Care home manager thanks PPE Hub following full recovery of Covid-19 residents



Ascot House, an Intermediate Care and Discharge Unit for older adults run by Trafford Council in Sale, has thanked the PPE Mutual Aid Hub after nursing back to full health several elderly patients who had contracted Covid-19.

As part of the Intermediate Care role, registered manager Sue Burrell and her team support many people who are unwell at different times in their lives.

Since the pandemic started, Sue and her team have worked tirelessly to care for residents who had tested positive for Covid-19. The team focused on their residents and did not leave their sides. Thankfully all residents have now fully recovered from the virus.

Registered care manager, Sue Burrell said:

It has been extremely hard over the last few weeks. The care and nurturing of our residents is not only our priority, it is our passion. When the people in our care started displaying symptoms we were extremely upset and worried, but that turned into resilience from our people and we’re so pleased that our residents have pulled through this virus. I’d like to thank the PPE Mutual Aid Hub for their support and supplies at this crucial time. Everyone has been so compassionate.”

Ascot House has regular suppliers of PPE but during the covid-19 outbreak it has been difficult to ensure delivery dates. Working in partnership, Trafford and Manchester health care systems, including Councils, agreed to work together to create a mutual aid arrangement by developing the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Hub.

When Sue’s PPE supply was at four days, Sue reached out to the PPE Mutual Aid Hub, which provides urgent supplies of PPE to all care providers across the Trafford and Manchester systems in response to national and local PPE shortages.

Jenny Osborne from PPE Mutual Aid Hub commented:

It’s great to know that the PPE the Hub provides is supporting the residents and staff of Ascot House to stay safe during this very challenging time. We will continue to support our local community providers with urgent supplies of PPE stock for as long as they need us.”

Posted on Wednesday 6th May 2020