Asking after a friend's mental health could be the best gift they receive for Christmas

Health campaigners are urging people to make sure their friends and relatives have good mental health.

Winter and Christmas are times when people can suffer from poor mental health but simply talking about it can make a big difference.

The ‘How’s your head’ campaign asks people to check in with their friends and family to encourage them to open up if they are struggling.

Cllr Jo Harding, who chairs the Trafford suicide prevention board, said:

Covid has been a really tough time for so many people. There are issues around health or employment that can have a massive effect. Vaccines are already being rolled out but the long winter nights are proven to affect people too.

“Thankfully there are simple things we can do to help the people we love. If we just ask, ‘how’s your head’ it can encourage people to open up and begin an improvement in mental health.

“We are getting through Covid as a community. We can also get through individual crises by working together and supporting one another.”

Professional support is also available for people who are struggling. The Greater Manchester Mental Health helpline – 0800 953 0285 – is available round the clock and is free to call.

Dr Liz Clarke, Clinical Education and Mental Health Lead at NHS Trafford CCG, said:

However bad you might feel, there is help available. If you want to talk to a friend or relative about it, they will want to be there for you.

“If you would prefer to speak to experienced mental health professional staff then we are there for you.

“No matter your age, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity, we want you to know that you are not alone and we are here to support you.”


Posted on Thursday 24th December 2020