Options for relief road can be viewed by residents

Residents can view the proposed options for a relief road that will alleviate traffic congestion in their village.

Over many years, Carrington and adjacent areas have suffered gridlock and poor access, with residents having to cope with a constant flow of heavy traffic, including lorries and vans.

Now, Trafford Council has unveiled two options for the Carrington Relief Road with its consultants Amey also releasing a presentation so that residents can see how a relief road would work.

Cllr James Wright said:

We know that transport into and out of Carrington, Partington and surrounding areas desperately needs improvement. Part of that improvement will need to be an upgrade for road transport – for cars, vans and HGVs but also buses and cycles – all of whom crowd onto narrow and unsuitable roads.

“The current situation makes life difficult for residents and businesses alike so we urgently need to explore options for getting better access into the area, for the benefit of all.

“At this stage all we are assessing are the merits of potential routes for upgrading – but to make that process effective we would love to hear as many views as possible.”

Various route possibilities for the road have been considered and an independent review has now recommended two route options. The ‘Preliminary Options Appraisal Report’ detailing the findings of this review is available to view on a Carrington Relief Road webpage.

The engagement presentation – including a transcript – has been recorded for residents and interested parties to view at their convenience via the project’s webpage. The presentation explains the work that has been done in assessing options for the route and the next steps that will be taken to determine the preferred option. The presentation is available until midnight on 22 March.

To view the Preliminary Options Appraisal Report, presentation and further information, please visit the Carrington Relief Road webpage at www.trafford.gov.uk/CRR.

The page also gives details regarding the planned timetable for consultations regarding the relief road and the planned programme of works.

Cllr Wright added:

The relief road will improve the health of our residents, will help to create a better environment to live in and enable people to move around our borough better so I would urge everyone to look at the options and have their say.”

Posted on Thursday 4th March 2021