'Drop litter and we will catch you' says Trafford Council

If you drop litter, we will catch you - and you could be prosecuted!

That’s Trafford Council’s stern message to individuals as it continues its campaign to catch and prosecute culprits who are littering the borough.

The warning comes after the Council took six people to Manchester Magistrates Court last week for littering. Their fines ranged from £91 to £220 and each were told to pay £120 in costs and a £34 victim surcharge.

The Council’s enforcement team are patrolling the borough on the lookout for those dropping litter – and offenders will be hit in the pocket. Since lockdown, the Council has raised its on-the-spot fixed penalty notices for fly-tipping from £200 to £400 and littering penalties have gone up from £100 to £150.

Cllr Steve Adshead, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Environmental and Regulatory Services, said:

“If anyone thinks they can drop litter in Trafford and get away with it, they had better think again. We have absolutely no problem in prosecuting offenders and taking them to court and fining them.

Our staff are on the lookout all the time and will take action if they see someone dropping litter. Remember, you will not get away with it. We are totally committed to keeping our borough looking as beautiful as ever and have pride in all our areas and communities. Our message is clear – use a bin and if there isn’t one available take your litter home with you.”

Posted on Wednesday 20th October 2021