Plea for more land to plant trees to help combat climate change

A charity is urging landowners in Trafford to join the battle against the climate crisis by planting thousands more trees in the borough.

City of Trees is the tree planting movement for Greater Manchester and has funding available now to support organisations and people to create new wooded areas on their land.

Trafford Council recently made tackling the climate crisis one of its new corporate priorities and is backing the efforts to plant more trees in the borough.
The charity aims to plant three million trees, one for every person across Greater Manchester, within five years, as well as restoring greenspaces and woodlands for the benefit of communities and wildlife, and inspiring a passion for trees and woods.

City of Trees has secured funding from the government’s Nature for Climate fund to support the creation of more wooded areas in Trafford and across GM.
The money will fund the cost of supplying and planting the trees and associated materials and up to 15 years maintenance to make sure that the new trees become properly established woodlands.

Any person or businesses offering land will also receive the necessary technical support, for example site surveys and planting designs. All of the required regulatory work with government agencies such as the Forestry Commission as well as local organisations like the Greater Manchester Ecology Unit will also be done for them.

Cllr Steve Adshead said:

“Tackling the climate crisis is one of our key priorities and it is only by working with our partners like City of Trees that we can start to tackle the devastating impact of climate change.

The planting of more trees in Trafford is one of the ways we hope to meet the challenge of the climate crisis as they capture rain on their leaves and allow water to drain into the ground which helps to reduce the risk of flooding, a threat which is all too real for so many people. Trees also act as natural air conditioning units which is vital now that we are experiencing more extreme heat wave events throughout the year.I know land is at a premium in

Trafford and Greater Manchester but I would urge any individuals or businesses with plots of land to offer some for the planting of trees to help us combat climate change.”

Pete Stringer of City of Trees, added:

“In Trafford we know that it’s not possible to plant great huge woodlands but by working collectively, sites where we can plant smaller wooded areas really can make a huge difference. Every tree planted also helps to grow a greener Greater Manchester and the larger Northern Forest that stretches from Liverpool to the Yorkshire coast.

Anyone interested in seeing trees planted on your land then please e-mail to find out more.

To find out more about City of Trees visit

Posted on Monday 21st March 2022