Healthcare leaders in Trafford offer self-care advice to residents

Top tips to look after yourself are being offered by healthcare leaders in Trafford during Self Care Week.

Clinicians and health professionals in Trafford Integrated Care Partnership are delivering the message that making slight lifestyle adjustments can bring major benefits to residents, especially in the run up to winter.

Blogs containing practical healthcare tips will be released each day of Self Care Week, which begins on Monday. There will also be signposts to helpful resources to support better mental and physical health, with advice also available on social media.

Dr Manish Prasad, GP and Deputy Medical Director (Trafford) at NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care, said:

“Good health is something we all want but it can be so easy to pick up some bad habits that leave us feeling down – or could result in small illnesses developing into big ones.

“We want to use Self Care Week to promote easy ways of improving ourselves. Just by doing simple things like exercising a bit more, or eating a bit more healthily, we can make a big difference to our health and wellbeing. Self-care can improve your physical health, reduce stress and anxiety, boost your self-esteem, protects your mental health and can lead to better relationships.”

The daily blogs, from doctors, pharmacists and public health professionals, will focus on different aspects of self care. This includes better exercise, managing health conditions and how to adopt positive lifestyle choices.

Trafford Council is a partner in Trafford Integrated Care Partnership. Its Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing, Cllr Jane Slater, will be writing a blog about the importance of staying connected. She said:

“The importance of friendships cannot be overestimated. They can help us stay positive, give us something to look forward to and improve our mental health so much.

“Check-ups with doctors, dentists and nurses can help identify health issues at an early stage so it’s also vital to stay in touch with healthcare professionals.”

The Self Care blogs will be posted up at from Monday.

Also look out for advice at and

Posted on Friday 11th November 2022