Supporting dementia care through social procurement

The One Trafford Partnership (OTP) is working with Ethstat Ethical Stationary CIC, a cooperative social enterprise, to support dementia care at Manorhey Care Centre in Urmston.

As a supply chain partner, 100% of the profits generated from the goods and services the OTP purchases from Ethstat, go towards supporting the most vulnerable in society; from supporting dementia care to ending homelessness.

To celebrate the partnership, the OTP and Ethstat visited Manorhey Care Centre in Urmston, who has been sent gifts for their residents. The recent purchase of reusable water bottles for all OTP staff and the continued purchase of Jamila’s Ethical Coffee, is enabling Ethstat to donate dementia dolls, painting sets and water sweets to support Manorhey’s residents affected with dementia. As more coffee is purchased by the OTP, Manorhey Care Centre will continue to receive gifts for their residents.   

In addition, with the environment in mind, Jamila’s Ethical Coffee is not only ethically sourced, but the tin is also entirely recyclable. It is the only coffee tin in the UK that’s plastic free and 100% home and office recyclable.

Councillor Jane Slater, Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing and Equalities said:

“I am really proud of the partnership the OTP has developed with Ethstat to support Manorhey with the dementia care they provide their residents.

"Addressing health inequalities in the borough is one of Trafford Council’s Corporate Priorities. Adopting social procurement practices, and working with a cooperative social enterprise, is a fantastic example of how organisations can make a real difference in the community. I encourage everyone to see what small changes they can make in how their organisation procures goods and services, to see how they can support those in need.”     

 Carla, the Activity Coordinator at Manorhey Care Centre added:

“The dolls and dementia aids donated by Ethstat through their partnership with the OTP have made a massive difference to the lives of our residents. We have given out many dolls to various floors as well as placed some in our lounge. Our residents have a chance to engage with the dolls and pets and they bring comfort and peace.”

 Yasmin Halai-Carter from Ethstat said:

“Ethstat Ethical Stationery is the first and only fully not-for-profit Social Enterprise Co-operative delivering products and services to the corporate sector. We supply all the goods and services you need to keep your office running, with a supply chain brimming with social and environmental good. We use the profits from our trading to fund community solutions to local problems ranging from ending homelessness to supporting families with dementia.

"The OTP’s purchase of re-usable water bottles allowed us to provide Manorhey Care Centre with 1 dementia dog, 12 boxes of water sweets and 30 painting kits. In addition, a further four dementia dolls have been donated as a result of other social purchases. These are all gifts provided to their residents, in support of dementia care, and really showcases social procurement in action and the impact it can make in the local community.”

In addition to dementia care, the OTP’s social purchasing with Ethstat has also allowed them to support Feed My City, an Emergency Food Charity operating in Manchester, Salford, and Trafford. The charity provides simple hot vegetarian meals, using organic food (where ever practical), served in environment friendly packing, free of charge.

The OTP’s other purchases include rolls of compostable bag for household food waste recycling, which enabled Ethstat to provide Feed by City with 3500 labels for food parcels, printers and cartridges, day to day stationery, 400 food bags, 120 face coverings and donate 2 fridges to keep food fresh.

Further details on Ethstat can be found at

Posted on Tuesday 15th November 2022