Council to send winter wellbeing packs to most vulnerable

Thousands of winter wellbeing packs are being sent to Trafford’s most vulnerable residents to help them get through the winter and cost-of-living crisis.

Trafford Council is sending the special packs out to more than 3,000 residents whose have been in hospital during the last 12 months and are in need of some extra support.

The packs contain a thermos mug, hot water bottle, gloves, hat and blanket, a wordsearch, pen, magnifying glass and leaflets containing advice on where best to access help. Around 1,000 packs will be sent directly to residents and the remainder will go out via Trafford Hubs and charity partners including the British Red Cross.

Trafford Council has made supporting people out of poverty a major corporate priority along with reducing health inequalities and addressing our climate crisis.  Together with partners, the Council has launched a number of initiatives to help people and businesses during the cost-of-living crisis.

They include more than 40 Living Rooms, special spaces across the borough where people can go to be warm and safe, and digital tools like Money Advice Referral Tool (MART) (  to signpost people to support networks and places to get money advice.

The Council is also working with the largest housing associations to co-ordinate advice and information services, to grow its community network and improve the energy efficiency of homes.

A spokesperson for Trafford Council said: “The Council has launched a special package of measures to help support local residents and businesses during this difficult time. The winter wellbeing packs are intended to help older people who have been in hospital and are in need of more support. Our staff are packing this week and they will be sent out from this Friday. Thank you to everyone who has helped prepare and send out the winter wellbeing packs.”



Posted on Thursday 1st December 2022