Council to take part in Blue Badge Day of Action

Trafford Council is taking part in a special day of action to stop drivers misusing the Blue Badge.

Blue Badges allow cars carrying people who have certain severe disabilities to park near shops, stations and other facilities. But fraudsters are misusing the badge and using the parking concession illegally.

Now, Trafford Council will be joining Councils across the UK by taking part in the Blue Badge Day of Action on May 26, 2023. As part of the action, Council officers will be carrying out a number of spot checks on cars and inspecting Blue Badges.

Those caught misusing blue badges could be prosecuted and taken to court by the Council. It is a criminal offence and doing so can lead to a £1,000 parking fine.

Cllr Stephen Adshead, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Highways, Environmental and Traded Services, said: “The misuse of the Blue Badge is an act of fraud and will not be tolerated.  We will continue to tackle this misuse on behalf of genuine users who desperately need those spaces to live their lives. Make no mistake, we will seek to prosecute those who continue to use the Blue Badge illegally.”

For more information on those eligible for a Blue Badge, please go to Who can get a Blue Badge? - GOV.UK (



Posted on Wednesday 24th May 2023