Battle of Britain commemorative event in Trafford

The brave servicemen and women who fought in the Battle of Britain are to be honoured at a special commemorative anniversary event in Trafford.

Trafford Council is to host the event to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Britain at Sale War Memorial at 10:30am on Sunday September 17. The event will be attended by the Mayor of Trafford, Cllr Dolores O’Sullivan and Council Leader, Cllr Tom Ross.

The Battle of Britain took place in the summer and autumn of 1940 during World War 2 between Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Luftwaffe, Nazi Germany’s air force, and was the first battle in history fought solely in the air. Germany planned to gain air superiority in preparation of an invasion of Great Britain but were defeated by our brave Hurricane and Spitfire pilots forcing Hitler to abandon his plans. Both sides suffered heavy losses – 544 British pilots were killed and 2,500 Luftwaffe airmen lost their lives.

Following the moving service, a bugler will play the last post and there will be a two minute’s silence at 11am to remember those who fought in the battle. Young Trafford cadets will also stage a commemorative march to pay their own tributes.

Cllr Judith Lloyd, Trafford Council’s Armed Forces Champion, said: “It will be a massive honour to again pay tribute to all those who bravely fought in the Battle of Britain. The battle was a turning point in World War II - if the RAF had not held off the Luftwaffe, Hitler would have moved forward with his Operation Sea Lion invasion of the British Isles.

“We can never underestimate how important this victory was for all of our freedoms.”

The Council’s Armed Forces Lead, Sue Wright, who is responsible for organising the service, said: “It is an honor to be able to commemorate those very brave pilots who took to the sky with no thought of their own safety during this fierce battle.”

Posted on Wednesday 6th September 2023