Councillor urges older residents to register Pension Credit claim

A Councillor is urging older residents across the borough to register a claim for Pension Credit from the government – worth up to £3,500 a year.

Cllr Jane Slater, chair of Trafford’s Age Well Board, says residents above pension age may be missing out on this income from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

Pension Credit gives people extra money to help with their living costs if they are over State Pension age and on a low income and can also provide access to a range of other benefits such as help with housing costs, council tax, heating bills and for those aged 75 or over, a free TV licence. 

Figures suggest more than £4.6m worth of Pension Credit goes unclaimed in Trafford alone so a campaign has been launched to encourage people to apply for the payment. From June 12 to 19, Age UK Trafford and the DWP are launching a week of action to raise awareness about the payment so people do not miss out.

Councillor Slater said: “Millions of pounds worth of Pension Credit is going unclaimed every year in Trafford and the rest of the UK. It is awful to think that this money is not going to help those who need it most. I would urge everyone over pension age to apply for the support – it really will make a massive difference, particularly as we are in a cost of living crisis.

“Trafford Council is committed to supporting people out of poverty, and that is why we are so involved in this campaign. Could I also please ask that friends and family of people over pension age get involved to encourage their loved ones to apply.”

If you need help making a claim, contact Age UK at or call 0161 746 9754 or 0161 746 7000.



Posted on Tuesday 12th December 2023