Prescribed alteration Egerton High School


A 6 week period of consultation ended on 31 March 2023 on the proposal to make a prescribed alteration to Egerton High School, a community special school. The proposal is to alter the upper age range from 16 years to 18 years to add sixth form provision. The published admission number for the sixth form will be 8, providing 16 places in total for pupils aged 16 to 18 years. View the consultation information.

We invited all interested parties to take part in shaping the proposal with an opportunity to submit comments and ideas for consideration. Information was sent to all parents and staff members and the proposal was announced on the school's website. Meetings for parents and pupils were held at the school.

We received no responses to the consultation. 

We decided to alter the upper age range on a temporary basis from September 2023, whilst we followed the prescribed statutory process to propose a permanent change.

Full proposal and statutory notice

The next stage of the process was publication of a statutory notice on 5 October 2023 which started a four week period of representation during which time stakeholders were invited to object to the proposal or make comments. See the full proposal for further details. We received no responses to the consultation.

Outcome and Final Decision

The final decision was taken on 6 November 2023 to permanently alter the upper age range to 18 years and to deliver the sixth form from the satellite site.