Proposal to Expand Firs Primary School - Statutory Notice


On 25 January 2021, Trafford’s Executive approved a proposal to expand Firs Primary School from the current 2 forms of entry (60 pupils in each group) to 3 forms of entry (90 pupils in each year group).  The decision was published online on 26 January and became effective on 3 February 2021.  The Council held preliminary discussions with the School and its Board of Governors, then representatives from the School joined with Council Officers to consider submissions from 5 contractors before appointing Conlon Construction and their associated architects, Bowker Sadler.

Consultation between the School and the Council then began to develop the proposal. A series of meetings were held to allow the School, and its staff, to participate in developing the proposal alongside Councillors, Council Officers and the appointed Design and Build Contractor.  Members of staff at the school have been consulted and invited to submit any questions or comments.  Neighbouring primary schools have also been briefed on the proposal and comments received were considered as part of the consultation.

Plans were made available to view online from 22 June to 6 July and interested parties were able to view the plans and submit any comments or questions. 

We received 10 responses to the consultation and respoded directly to every consultee. 

  • 6 consultees did not support the proposal, commenting on issues such as increased traffic and noise
  • 2 consultees fully supported the proposal
  • 2 consultees were unsure

View all comments and responses.

Statutory notice

A decision was taken to progress the proposal to the next stage and a statutory notice was published on 2 September 2021.

Publication of the statutory notice commenced a 4 week formal period of consultation where any person may object or make comments on the proposal. The period of representation ended at midnight on 29 September 2021.

The final stage is determination of the proposal by Trafford's Executive Member for Children's Services.  This will be determined after consideration of the full proposal and all the consultation comments received and the decision will be published in line with Trafford’s agreed democratic processes.