Active Travel Fund - A56 Corridor Interim Cycling and Walking Improvements (Phase One – A5014 Chester Road)

During the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and as part of the Emergency Active Travel Funding, Trafford Council installed temporary cycle lanes on the A56 and Edge Lane. This was to facilitate non-motorised transport choices for shorter journeys, such as cycling and walking.

As Covid-19 restrictions have reduced, the Council is seeking to remove the temporary cycle lanes and consult the public on an interim solution for the route that best meets the needs and expectations of a diverse local population, both now and for future generations.

In November 2021, Trafford Council began consultation with residents on the future layout of the A56 and Edge Lane, proposing three different options as a way forward. This consultation closed in December 2021, having generated 5,378 questionnaires and 25,466 comments in total. View the Consultation Report.

The feedback received during the November consultation has been used to inform the next stage of the design. An interim solution is now being proposed for the A5014 Chester Road.

This scheme will result in the removal of the temporary traffic management including the traffic cones, currently placed along A56 Bridgewater Way and White City Circle, returning the A56 to normal traffic operation in both directions.

A56 Corridor Phase One MapChester Road image 1A5014 Chester Road proposals viewed from the Darwen Street junction looking northeast

Chester Road image 2A5014 Chester Road proposals viewed from the Northumberland Road junction looking southwest


Proposals for the upgrade of walking and cycling facilities along the A5014 Chester Road include:

  • Segregated cycle lanes in each direction, no less than 1.5m wide, separated from traffic by black traffic separator posts with reflective strips.
  • The removal of existing central hatching road markings and all the marked right turn facilities along the impacted route.
  • Introduction of two proposed zebra crossings along the route, one located between Darwen Street and Chorlton Street and one located between City Road and Virgil Street.
  • The removal of five existing uncontrolled pedestrian crossing points along the route.
  • Two current on-street parking bays are to be moved laterally so that they are half on the footway and half on the carriageway.
  • The dedicated right turn lane is to be shortened on A56 Bridgewater Way junction approach.
  • The removal of the temporary traffic management including the traffic cones, currently placed along A56 Bridgewater Way and White City Circle.

These proposals are the first phase of an interim active travel scheme along the A56 Corridor. Phase two, which stretches along the A56 from M60 Junction 7 to Talbot Road, is currently in the preliminary design stage and will be consulted on once this stage is complete.

If the proposals are successful then the effectiveness of these interim measures will be monitored and it is anticipated that if funding is available, a permanent scheme may be considered to replace the interim measures at a later stage.

Once the consultation is complete, all responses will be analysed and used to inform the design of the scheme. Findings from the consultation will be published in due course.

Changes to Proposals and Notice of Construction

As part of Trafford Council’s ongoing drive to promote active travel, works are now planned on Chester Road in Stretford which are linked to the developing of A56 North Corridor. These works will eliminate the need for the temporary traffic coned pop-up coned cycle lanes on Bridgewater Way and these will be removed. The improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists are expected to increase the use of walking and cycling as a viable and sustainable means of transport across Trafford.

As a result of our recent consultation with residents between 21 November and 18 December 2022, we have made a major change and several minor changes to the proposed scheme to be delivered on site. View Consultation Report.

These changes were accepted at an external design review. View Design.

The minor changes include moving the zebra crossing, located by Darwen Street, 15m north-east and there are changes to the cycle lane markings around the junction of Chester Road, Empress Street and City Road. In terms of major change, the works will include the removal of two existing sections of on street parking along Chester Road under an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO).

It is considered that this action is necessary to improve safety for all highway users on this route, due to the risk of conflict between cyclists and vehicles accessing and egressing the existing parking lay-by and the potential for collisions between cyclists and vehicle drivers/ car passengers as they board and alight.

To mitigate concerns relating to the migration of vehicles from this existing parking lay-by a new parking lay-by will be created on the north-east side of Chorlton Road, with parking space for four vehicles.

Next steps

Site works are due to take place between 13 March 2023 and 31 March 2023, with the removal of this parking lay-bys due to be commenced early within the works.

The works will be delivered by our highways framework Contractor, Amey Transport Infrastructure. We understand that these works may cause some disruption and noise, however using industry best practice, our contractors will do everything to minimise any inconvenience.

Full closures of Chester Road are required for the surfacing works and temporary diversion routes will be in place. Look out for our site installed temporary signs for further information regarding diversions. Anyone who has any questions or access issues during construction, should contact 0161 694 8970 (Voicemail) or email

The scheme is being introduced under an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) meaning it will be assessed and consulted on over a six-month period and possibly changed if any concerns and objections are substantiated. Anyone with any comments or concerns should email