Walton Road Active Neighbourhood


The Walton Road area was proposed for entry to the Mayors Challenge Fund (MCF) programme through discussions between us and TfGM. The area was selected due to historic issues in the area with ‘rat running’ on Walton Road and surrounding streets.

Other reasons for choosing the area included:

  • Opportunity to enhance access to Walton Park
  • Speeding vehicles on Langdale Road and Walton Road
  • Opportunity to improve access to local services

A project team from Arup and Sustrans was commissioned (funded) by TfGM to progress the project.

Various research, concept designs, and a four stage community participation strategy was used. Four open workshops and two newsletters to every address in the study area began in February 2021. In February and March of 2022, the community was invited to an engagement event, where draft plans were discussed, as well as the mailout and survey.

We received a brief report of the comments received from residents on the proposed project and suggested changes.

Current status

There was no consensus on the proposed overall Walton Road Active Neighbourhood scheme design, however the very high response rate from respondents living in the project area was still reassuring.

It indicated that there was some interest in the topic of reducing traffic speeds, volumes and consider alternatives such as active travel.

However, at this stage, the Walton Road Active Neighbourhood scheme has been paused. It will not progress until such time we are in a much stronger position to secure future funding if and when they become available prior to any further consultation and engagement. 

If the issues that the Walton Road Active Neighbourhood scheme aimed to address re-emerge a key community priority. The Arup and Sustrans project team commission with TfGM ended and all work on the scheme was handed over to Trafford.

Information on Walton Road Active Neighbourhood