Existing resident parking schemes

If you have any comments relating to an existing parking scheme, contact Parking Services.

How a parking scheme operates

Most schemes operate during the working day from Monday to Saturday. The times of operation are shown on the signs for drivers entering the controlled parking zone area. During this period many spaces are reserved for resident permit holders and visitor permit holders with a few provided for visitors to the area who do not have permits.

Outside these hours parking is uncontrolled except on double yellow lines.

Permit costs

The annual cost for a charged resident's permit is £49.50. Visitor permit books are £13 for 25 daily use cards in certain areas.

Resident parking permit requests

If you wish to apply for a new permit, renew your existing permit, request a replacement for a lost or stolen permit or if you need to change the registration number on your current permit contact Parking Services.

You will be asked for two forms of proof each year on application for your residency and vehicle ownership.

  • To prove residency present a utility bill dated within the last three months.
  • For proof of vehicle ownership at the property applied for, provide the most recent insurance certificate showing your name, address and vehicle registration number.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or postal order.

Renewal forms will be posted out at the start of the month prior to the expiry of your permit.