Parking dispensation

Dispensation may be granted to park a vehicle where it would not normally be able to park. This will only be considered where it is essential for the vehicle to be at the location.

Reasons considered are building works, house removals, weddings and filming.

How much a parking dispensation costs

The cost for a parking dispensation is £16.00 per day, per vehicle. For costs for longer-term projects are:
1 month - £190.00
2 months - £288.00
3 months - £368.00

How to apply for a parking dispensation

Please complete the parking dispensation application form and all the relevant sections and provide as much information as possible on why you require a parking dispensation.

Once completed return the form to:

Email: (a link for payment will be provided following a successful appllication)

Post: Parking Services, Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road, Stretford M32 0TH (include the relevant payment)

Please ensure you provide at least 3 days notice in order that we can check viability of the location and ensure all applications meet Health and Safety requirements.