Demolition work can cause problems for road users and neighbours or businesses in close proximity to the site. To make sure disruption is kept to a minimum, you must obtain a demolition license. Notice must be given to us at least six weeks prior to work commencing.

There is a £320 charge for applying for a demolition licence.

How to apply

To obtain a demolition licence, follow the step by step process:

  1. At least six weeks prior to work commencing, email a letter of intent to This must state the location of the building, along information outlining the details of the work, who owns the building and who is doing the demolition. We will also need a location plan of the building or structure showing the area where the work is being done.
  2. You will be sent a unique reference number with details on how to pay the £320 application fee.
  3. Make £320 payment and send an email confirmation of your payment to
  4. Your application will now be processed. If granted, your demolition licence will be issued by email.

Further action

When demolishing a building, you are required by law to give notice to:

  • Owners/occupiers of all other buildings adjacent to the building being demolished.
  • Gas, water and electricity suppliers for the region.

You may also need to check for asbestos and information relating to planning permission.

Dangerous buildings

If you feel a building is structurally dangerous and is a threat to public safety, you can report this by phoning 0161 912 2020.