A H-bar road marking, also known as a Driveway Protection Marking, is an advisory road marking which is indicated by a solid white line with short bars on either end.

These road markings are designed to make other motorists aware that there is a driveway or dropped kerb that should not be obstructed.

We can provide H-bars to highlight access to your driveway or dropped kerb for a charge of:

  • £67 for one driveway
  • £115 for two driveways (agreement is needed from  adjoining neighbour(s) for double H-bars)

We cannot install a double length H bar to service a single driveway or dropped kerb. The H-bar will service the exact length of the driveway or dropped kerb.

H-bars are not enforceable, however markings have proven to be generally effective and are respected by most motorists.

How do I apply for a H-Bar?

Apply for a H-bar online

You can apply for a H-bar marking or an extension to an existing H-bar if you have a driveway or dropped kerb outside your home or business.

You can also apply for a H-bar to service two or more driveways, which can include access to your own driveway and your neighbour’s driveway (agreement is needed from the adjoining neighbour for double H-bars).

Once your application and payment has been received, work to install the H-bar will commence in 6-8 weeks.