Carrington Relief Road

Carrington Relief Road looks to improve journeys. Whether it’s by car, foot, bike or bus. Journeys around Carrington, Partington and Sale West will be more reliable, safer and accessible. These vital travel improvements will support the region’s growth and unlock greater opportunities for future generations.

Carrington Relief Road is one part of the Places for Everyone Plan. A much larger and longer-term focus that will help create jobs and build new homes.

Re-thinking the way we travel

The world as we know it is changing, and to prepare us all for a brighter future we must re-think the way we travel. The current route via the A6144 and Manchester Road is heavily congested by both cars and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). Affecting the lives and journey times of people living in the area.

To provide easier and safer journeys, Carrington Relief Road will provide:

  • a new convenient route (Option F) to encourage HGVs to divert away from the congested A6144
  • deliver improvements to make travelling by bus easier and safer
  • provide new routes to enjoy when travelling by foot, bike and horse.

A combination of travel improvements that will open opportunities to accessing local jobs and new homes. Improving access to both local businesses and new developments in the area.

Map of Carrington

More than just a road improvement project

Whilst appreciating the beauty and importance of Carrington Moss, new routes for walking, cycling and horse riding will be provided. Opening green spaces with new routes to be enjoyed. Supporting active lifestyle choices and improving people’s health and wellbeing. A green space for local people to enjoy and be proud of.

We look forward to sharing more information on how the moss will be cared for in 2023.

What we’re doing now and what’s coming up next

Following Trafford Council’s Executive Board approval of Route F in September 2021, we have been spending time understanding the area. We are currently assessing the local environment and its wildlife. This includes both animals and plants. Noise levels and air quality is also being looked at. These assessments will give us a more detailed view of potential benefits and impacts of the route. Most importantly, it will help us understand the next steps to caring for the surrounding environment.

Your views on the proposed design

We want local people to help develop the design. We continue to have conversations with the local community and others to understand their priorities.

Once the initial design plans are completed, we will hold a public consultation. During the weeks of consultation, we will be asking the public to give their views on the design. Your feedback will then be considered and where possible the design will be reviewed and updated where appropriate.

This timeline shows some important dates for the project, some dates may change.

Timeline of important dates for the project
Key stagesAnticipated date 
Public consultation Autumn/ winter 2023
Planning application submitted Summer 2024
Start of construction Spring 2026
Construction completed Summer 2028

If you have any queries you can email us at

Glossary of terms

Executive Report

Executive report is a document that describes project’s proposal. It sets out the need for a project. It also gives an analysis on finance and other project information.

One Trafford

One Trafford Partnership is a collaboration between Trafford Council and Amey. It is set up to create better spaces for people in the area. The agreement covers areas such as waste collection, street cleansing, grounds maintenance, facilities management and highways services, aiming to.

Public consultation

Public consultation can be delivered in various forms such as online or face-to-face events. Consulting provides an opportunity for members of the public to have their say and express their views on proposed plans. The feedback then helps shape those plans. 

Outline Business Case

An outline business case provides the first explanation of why a project is needed. It also discusses the benefits, risks and desired results of the project. 

Preliminary Options Appraisal

A purpose of it is to explore and evaluate different route options against agreed objectives. This is done before starting any work on an initial project design.

Planning Application

Before any construction can begin, a planning application must be submitted and approved. A planning application is a document asking a deciding body for an official permission.


A stakeholder is a person, group or organisation who has an interest in or may be affected by a project.

Trafford Core Strategy 2012

Core Strategy is a key document for the borough. It explains what changes need to be done to improve the borough. It also details Council's 2027 vision and how it can be achieved.

Trafford Executive

Trafford Executive is responsible for making key decisions. Also, the strategic handling of services. Trafford Executive consists of the Leader of the Council and nine other Executive Councillors. Every Councillor holds an Executive Portfolio. 

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