Weed control

We are responsible for weed control on public land.

Weed spraying - what we do

Weeds are sprayed in the summer months on the public highway, which includes roads, pavements, kerbs, and grids (gullies). Once an area has been sprayed, it takes roughly two to three weeks for weeds to die off. 

Weeds are sprayed with a low toxicity herbicide (Glyphosate). However, weeds may return between treatments.

As part of our commitment to reduce the use of glyphosate, we only do this once a year. Our teams start early in the morning so you may not always see them, and our programme is dependent upon the weather, as we don't spray when it's windy or wet. 

What we don't do

We do not maintain land that is privately owned, or the responsibility of Registered Social Landlords. If you are worried about invasive plants such as Japanese Knotweed on your or your neighbour’s land, visit invasive plants on private land

Since introducing a reduction in the use of glyphosate, we have now stopped weed spraying in all public parks, green spaces, and cemeteries. This means these may now look a little different, as we look to introduce more wildflower and long grass regimes to encourage bees and other wildlife.

Opting out of weed spraying

Tree pits are where trees are planted on pavements. If you or your community want to adopt the tree pits on a stretch of frontage in your area, to plant them with flowering plants, you can request that they are not sprayed. Residents can also request to opt out of routine weed spraying in their street.

However, this would only be considered if residents in that road collectively agreed to remove and control weeds themselves, and wouldn’t be considered for single premises or frontages.

To opt out of weed spraying in tree pits or in your street, email us at onetraffordgreenspace@amey.co.uk to let us know the exact area, and we will consider your request.

Weeding programme for 2024 

The weeding programme for 2024 has started. Trafford’s 21 wards will be weeded in the following order:

  1. Stretford and Humphrey Park
  2. Old Trafford
  3. Gorse Hill and Cornbrook
  4. Lostock and Barton
  5. Davyhulme
  6. Flixton
  7. Urmston
  8. Longford
  9. Bucklow St Martins
  10. Ashton upon Mersey
  11. Sale Central
  12. Sale Moor
  13. Manor
  14. Brooklands
  15. Broadheath
  16. Timperley North
  17. Timperley Central
  18. Altrincham
  19. Bowdon
  20. Hale
  21. Hale Barns and Timperley South