Key Achievements and Future Actions Planned

Key Achievements in Tackling Hate Crime

  • Held a #WeStandTogether launch event on 15th July 2015 where Trafford residents demonstrated how they feel about hate crime and intolerance. The event, organised by Trafford’s Diverse Communities Partnership and Greater Manchester Police, saw over 100 people attending from the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • Refreshing the Trafford Hate Crime Action Plan (2015-17).
  • Expanding the number of third party reporting centres.
  • Providing training to staff based at the centres to ensure we maximise chances for community members to report crimes and incidents.
  • Provided specialist training and intervention for disability groups to encourage reporting and increase awareness amongst staff throughout the Trafford Partnership.
  • Trained Youth cabinet members to be anti-hate crime ambassadors. Over 1000 young people in Trafford were made aware of hate crime and its consequences and how to report in 2015.
  • Reviewed and updated a crucial crew hate crime package with the PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers).

Future actions planned and in progress 

  • Scope an e-learning resource for hate crime training.
  • Overview of analysis of where the hate crimes have been reported over the last 12 months by crime type to understand if there are unknown hotspots or vulnerability.
  • Hold a ‘Know your Criminal Justice Day’ to target race / religion hate crime.
  • Using #WeStandTogether attendance list, consult with communities about where they would go to report and advice they would like to receive.
  • Engage with community groups such as the deaf community to inform them of Third Party reporting centres and understand why people are not reporting.
  • Greater use of Restorative Justice when dealing with perpetrators of hate incidents / harassment.
  • Recording and analysis of customer satisfaction levels at Third Party Reporting Crimes.
  • Use of PCC Hate Crime Funding to support community ‘Be Bold Be the Difference’ ideas that improve community cohesion.

 Trafford hate plan